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AEL – Finland’s leading provider of technical training services

AEL is the preferred development partner for enhancing business competence and improving competitiveness, and a forerunner in vocational training in technical fields. AEL has a high profile as a developer and trainer of entire organizations. We specialize in the training and education of industry and technical service professionals, experts and managers.

We offer the expertise of a large training company with decades of experience, along with development and training solutions that bring added value and competitive edge to our course and seminar participants. Our strengths include close co-operation with business and industry, years of experience in training and service, vocational qualification expertise second to none, and the capacity to anticipate and adapt to changes in the changing operating environment.

Working as trainers and coaches at AEL is our own team of seasoned personnel, supported by a network of hundreds of commercial and technical experts specialized in a range of different fields. Our practical learning environments facilitate the effectiveness of our training, meaning that all instruction on our campus is able to combine theory with practical application seamlessly. E-learning solutions and online training courses play a vital role in our training selection.

Business Development Services

AEL stands out for its practical approach and operating model, whereby personnel training and process development form an integral whole. This new operating model is embedded as part of the permanent operations and results are then measured with the company’s own monitoring indicators. AEL’s business development approach, founded on Lean principles, has produced excellent results in the development of company production and productivity.

We carry out collaborative business partnerships introducing Lean projects, change and start-up processes, development programmes and qualification-oriented personnel training to our partner companies. Our business services include the administration of initial skills assessments and the compilation of tailor-made personnel skills enhancement and training service plans.

Courses and Seminars Keep Skills up to Date

Practical hands-on AEL training courses assist participants to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to update their professional competence. Learning is ensured when theory and practice are seamlessly combined. Timely AEL Insko seminars offer a quick and efficient way to acquire new information for use in your business and to deepen and strengthen your company’s expertise. Learning formats include both in-house classroom instruction and remote E-learning components.

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Competence-based Qualifications Formalize Skill Requirements

Each year AEL successfully organises qualification exams for about 900 training participants. Skills demonstrations for the qualifications demonstrate the required professional skills on the basis of performance in real production and service situations. All three levels of accredited vocational qualifications in Finland: competence-based, further and specialist, can be completed in a skills demonstration of this kind.

In preparation for the qualification, AEL assesses the starting point, qualification level and training needs and desires of each applicant. On this basis, a decision is made regarding which qualification level would best suit the candidate and the kind of preparatory training that is required. Each qualification applicant is provided with a personal learning plan for completing some or all of the qualification in question. Finland’s National Board of Education has defined the qualification criteria for each qualification. The definition includes all of the qualification modules, skill requirements and skills demonstration protocol that are required. AEL’s Study Affairs Office serves individual applicants for qualifications and businesses in need of larger qualification packages by providing advisory and guidance services for completing the preparatory training and the qualification itself.

Rooted in Continuity

AEL has served the trade and industry community of Finland for over 90 years, a long history that is testament to our ability to change and develop along with changes in society and the business climate. Our operations are steered by the Foundation of the Institute for Occupational Advancement (Ammattienedistämislaitossäätiö), composed of representatives from Finland’s key commercial and labour organisations, firms, and state administration charged with the development of vocational education.

Since its inception, AEL has adhered to its national mandate of promoting the professional competence and competitiveness of commerce and labour. Each year about 17,000 people are attending our courses and seminars.


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