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Benefits and content

Training provides you basic information on how to handle the forklift (driving instructions, technique, environment). You will also learn to understand the personal, environmental and potential risks of working with forklift. You will also learn how to advance safety in your work in personal and in company level. Overall, you get comprehensive information and skills how to handle and control risks involved in this line of work.

Training course includes driving in practice. You will get the forklift license after you have successfully passed following: course, exam and driving test. In addition to license, you will need written permission from employer to operate forklift in workplace. Employer also has to make sure that employee has sufficient skills to handle the forklift safely.


Benefits of driver training course to companies

Training provides companies with the ability to train and ensure the level of knowledge and skills of forklift drivers. Forklift driver training gives the employee the ability to obtain a written permit given by the employer. (Government decree 403/2008 section 14). With right approach to forklift work personal injuries are prevented and as a result costs to company are reduced. Correct and safe work methods aim to fluent work environment as well as increased profitability.

Target group

Training is suitable for forklift drivers, those working in environment where forklifts are used, to persons who are responsible of forklift operations and persons who give a written permit under government decree 403/2008 section 14. Course is suitable for those who have English as their first language or have better skills in English than in Finnish. This way the content of the course is more understandable and learning more sufficient.

Next Trainings

Forklift driver training course
Date: 21.5.2019 to 22.5.2019
Region: Helsinki
Price: 690,00 € (+ alv 24 %)


Janne Nevakare

kouluttaja, logistiikka
043 825 9181

Janne Nevakare

kouluttaja, logistiikka
043 825 9181

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